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Do you know the books of the bible? Twelve of them are in this puzzle. Read and find them. Many know of Matthew but disregard the songs that Solomon sang. The facts are that knowing all sixty-six books is not an easy job. Joe laughed at the thought of even trying while Jeremy thought it would be a fluke. I screamed when I heard of Christians who were rushing to open the book of Nicodemus when Pastor teased at church.

Yes, there are those who called Sarah an “old hag”. Well, that old hag gained the blessing as mother of all nations even though she laughed at the promise. The numbers who argue that Adam ate an apple is a sad revelation of the lock jam established in the minds of people. Some say Jabez raised an army to fight for Israel but that was Jephthah.

We are in the world and the world does not know the bible. But does being in Rome mean we should behave like the Romans do? Meditation: (2 Tim 2: 15)

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