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I love words. You just know when I’ve learnt a new word; it features in all my verbal and non-verbal communication. Trust me I work it like that! Back in secondary school, years ago, I returned to the hostel at the beginning of a new term with ‘lackadaisical’ as the word to look out for! Every sentence was laced with a sufficient application of the word lackadaisical, until my friends grew weary and I advised myself that I had overdone it quite a bit!

Now, just the other day, I complained of being hungry and wasn’t sure what I should eat, so a good friend suggested I try coprophagia. I told him I didn’t know what that was; I’d never tried it before.
What is “Coprophagia”? I asked. He said I should google it but I was too hungry to google anything up or notice the mischievous glint in his eyes. “Why don’t you just tell me so I know if it’s something I’d like to try?”

“No”, he insisted. ‘Google it and you’d have learnt something new’, he said. So my love of new words and curiosity about this posh, Danish sounding delicacy, led me to temporarily ignore the pressing hunger and google up the word. The meaning was a revelation! Needless to say there was nothing posh or Danish about coprophagia! I learnt something new indeed! Do google it up friends, you would have learnt something new when you do! All I can say is that it’s a good thing it wasn’t one of those days I felt the need to ‘form’ or impressively state that, “Of course, I’ve had coprophagia many times. It’s really nice!” Y’all know about the need to ‘form’ or impress, right? Or is it just me? Well, just in case you ever have the urge to ‘form’ that you know something that you don’t, remember this article and take counsel.

Anyway, second lesson from this seemingly comedic incident, is more spiritual, because after all is said and done, you have to see Christ and what He’s trying to say to you in every situation.

We must understand that our faith is a ‘word faith’ or ‘speaking faith’. God does all He does through His word, and we are armed with His word, to speak it at all times.

When God’s word is in you, you know immediately when there is something wrong with a suggestion thrown randomly or directly in your direction. When ‘coprophagia’ of any sort is suggested to you as God’s word, you discern immediately that it isn’t God’s word; and if it is so convincing that you feel pressured to ignore the gnawing doubt you have in your heart about it, take a minute to go to the Bible and find out what God says about it. Not every ‘sensible sounding’ version of truth peddled is truth you should buy. And so dear friends, I leave you with three things I have learnt as I’ve progressed in my Christian walk-

1. Don’t pretend that you know something when you don’t. Ask questions. You can’t go wrong asking

2. If you communicate in the lingua franca of our world (we do live in this world right now, dear
Christian), do keep google and a dictionary on hand for your education and intelligent
conversations, and so you can quickly check if you have been disdained with carefully
crafted, colourful, high-sounding words and a smile!

3. Most importantly, always have God’s word in your heart. You may stand alone many times in taking
God’s view but the end with God here on earth, or in the hereafter in heaven, justifies the means
which is His word. I always say “God’s word a day, keeps the devil away”. Get a word everyday till
no word is strange to take you off your tracks and goal.

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