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It was a sun blazing Tuesday afternoon, I had just managed to squeeze my car into a very tight spot in front of Sky Memorial Shopping Complex when this young lady walked up to me.

“Good afternoon sir,” she said, “Please I am hungry. Can you buy these snacks for me?”
Considering all the stories we’ve heard in the past about mischief makers and fake beggars, I always go about with my ‘ready made’ answers for people like this. Thus my reply was spontaneous, “Sorry I don’t have money for that”.

Unfortunately this time, the lady was not going to give up so easily. After taking a deep breath, she spoke up again.

“You mean you can’t….” the words got stuck in her throat in disappointment and at that moment I got back to my senses.

The snacks seller was just on the sidewalk, and I asked her to take what she wanted. She picked a meat pie and an egg roll and said, “Thank you”, I encouraged her to take a drink.

The bill was less than N300. I pulled out a N500 note from my wallet, gave it to her to pay and asked her to go with the balance.

I left there with a very high sense of guilt wondering if I had done enough.

As children of God, we have failed in our responsibilities to a dying world because the devil has used ‘common sense’ to becloud our GOD sense of judgement.

Even in the church, we fail to attend to the needy amongst us and perceive them as nuisance to our sense of decency.

In our villages, we fail those in distress because we see their predicaments as the handiwork of one idol when we should show them the way of Christ through our love and care.

We will do more for our society and for Christ, only if we change our perception towards the people around us and realize that we are what we are by the grace of God and not by our intellect or hard work.
It will surprise you to know that some of the people we accuse of being lazy are in some cases more hard working than we are but it’s just the grace of God that makes the difference in our results. The day we realize that we were freely given all that we have (FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS), it will become easier for us to relate in love and without prejudice, with those who have not yet been given.

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