Sunday Service Announcement 1st October 2017


  • Don’t Miss the Special Stage Presentation ‘Finding Adaora” happening live this evening, 5 pm at The Citadel! It’s going to be an incredible night of music, comedy & drama. Invite someone!!
  • There will be no Pastoral Care Centre (PCC) meeting this week. However, Regular PCC resumes on Sunday 8th October and Tuesday 10th October at the various Pastoral Care Centre venues across the city.
  • A new Pastoral Care Centre (PCC) venue is needed in Garki Area 11. Members living in this area who are willing to give their houses for use should please drop their details at the information desk or call
  • The Men’s Fellowship (KMN) is inviting everyone to a Special Health Symposium to promote healthy living. It will feature health talks and practical sessions on routine checks expected of all. Healthcare professionals will be on hand to conduct checks raging from blood sugar test, blood pressure, prostrate check, eye test & many others. You will also learn about your diet as well as practical exercises to maintain your health. Date is Saturday 7th October 2017, 7am at the Citadel Event Centre. Dress code – Appropriate sportswear. Invite your family and friends along.
  • Refuge Academy invites those interested in becoming bonafide members of this assembly to start our two-week New Parishioners Class which holds every Sunday by 7am for Alpha Service attendees and 8am for Rainbow Service attendees. Venue – Meeting Room 5 on the 1st first floor of the Citadel. For further enquiries, kindly visit the Refuge Academy desk at the foyer or on the 4th floor, meeting room 1 at the Citadel and Towers.
  • Members who have completed the New Parishioners Class and have the desire to join the work force or simply want to dig deeper as soldiers in the Lord’s army, should register for Finding the Rock at the Refuge Academy Desk at the foyer.
  • Healing School continues on Thursday 5th October, 2017 by 4:40pm before Word Alive Service by 5:45pm at the Citadel. It promises to be a great time with the Word. Endeavor to be a part of both Meetings.
  • Be a part of our Services on Sunday, 8th October, 7:45am & 9am at the Citadel. It will be a refreshing time. Come expectant and Invite someone to church!!
  • In preparation for IYTC 2017, the Church will be embarking on 5 Days of Praying & Fasting, beginning from Thursday 12th – Sunday 15th October! We will be meeting for corporate prayers on Thursday & Friday by 5.30pm and on Saturday by 6:55am at the Citadel. All members and leaders are encouraged to fully participate. Get ready to emerge in the place of prayer!
  • Look forward to IYTC 2017 from Thursday 19th October – Sunday 22nd October, 2017. We are all encouraged to pray and give towards the conference.
  • The theme for the month of October is “EMERGE” …… 2 Corinthians 4:6-7.




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*Do not forget to invite someone to be a part of our Healing School and Word alive Service on Thursday.



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