Announcement – June 18th 2017

· Regular Pastoral Care Centre (PCC) meeting continues this evening and on Tuesday at the various PCC venues across the city.

ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to attend and those who are yet to identify with a PCC family should do so.
· Healing School continues on Thursday 22nd June, 2017 by 5pm at The Citadel. Prayers will start at 4:45 pm. Everyone is invited to attend!
· The church will be embarking on a 3-day fast from Thursday 22nd June – Saturday 24th June 2017. We will be meeting for corporate prayers at The Citadel on Thursday by 4:30pm, on Friday by 5:30pm and will climax the period of the fast in our Morning Glory Service on Saturday by 6:55 am. Get ready for an encounter to birth new things!
· Mid-Year Thanksgiving is finally here!!! It’s happening next week Sunday, 25th June, 7:45am & 9am at the Citadel. Dress Code – Native Attire!! It will be a time to give God quality praise! Come ready with your testimonies and invite someone!
· Woman to Woman W2W Virtue presents the its first Book club review in the month of July. All married women are encouraged to purchase their copy of the book “the woman question” from Oasis Resource Center. If you have made payment for the book, kindly pick up your copy from Sis Bola Asaolu at the W2W desk.

 The family of Mr. & Mrs. Arnold Ayomide Afolayan were blessed with a beautiful baby girl.
 The family of Mr. & Mrs. Emeka and Oby Diru were blessed with a bouncing baby boy.

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