A wedding is one of the most important days in a person’s life and marks the beginning of the rest of one’s life. 

It was honoured by the Lord Jesus Christ, as the very first of his miracles took place at a wedding feast in Galilee. 

At House on The Rock, The Refuge, it is our firm belief that marriage should be enjoyed, not endured. 

The pre-wedding process at House on The Rock, The Refuge spans a period of about six weeks with classes holding every Friday and Saturday during this period. 

There might also be some pre and/or post administrative elements. Please make necessary preparations to avoid dairy conflicts at work, school, etc, and start your preparations early. 

Please see the steps and requirements below. You can also download the complete wedding guidelines from the download tab, along with the necessary registration forms, or contact the PMC Support Team at the Church Office using the following details:



+234-70-6216-0015, +234-80-9296-6651  

1. No introduction ceremony or marriage dates should be fixed until after pre-marital classes are fully completed and exams passed.

2. We recommend that no form of marriage process should be engaged until after at least a year of courtship. 

3. All classes must be COMPLETED before graduation. Classes not completed in one set will have to be completed in the next available set. THERE ARE NO MAKE UP CLASSES. 

 4. Punctuality and attendance at all classes are mandatory. 

5. Attendance of all Single & Mighty events during the duration of your classes is mandatory and will be part of your final assessment. 

6. All recommended books must be read. 

7. The Support Team will provide information regarding medical tests, which must all be done on the dates as provided by the Support Team. There will be a repeat pregnancy test a week prior to your wedding for those getting married in HOTR. 

8.  Decide what kind of wedding ceremony you want. If you are having just a Registry Wedding, the Church Office must be informed well in advance – ideally a minimum of 4wks; this so that a church blessing will be done accordingly. 


9. It is wise to keep Traditional and Church Wedding dates as close as possible especially for those who come from parts of the country where the Traditional Wedding is considered as the main one. 

10. There will be a personal counselling interview for each couple soon after the pre-marital classes commence. Please contact your counsellor as soon as you are assigned one by the Support Team.

11. For weddings at HOTR, ceremonies are held on the second Saturday of the month, and the Church must approve of your wedding date before you go ahead with any plans particularly printing of invitations. 

12. Couples must post banns PHYSICALLY in the church one month before the wedding as Media Posting is NOT allowed. 

13. If your spouse is not in Abuja, kindly ensure that he/she joins the virtual classes which take place simultaneously with the in-person PMC classes. It is important that you inform the Support Team about this at the point of registration for the classes.

14. For those in Abuja, physical attendance is compulsory, except where specifically or otherwise advised/guided by the Support Team. Also, to avoid any dairy clashes at work, school, or other, please ensure to make early and adequate preparation, communicate any concerns/challenges to the Support Team at the point of registration.  




The purpose of the Couples Fellowship is to help equip couples for wholesome marital and family living, to ensure harmony, growth and blissful relationships. Every married couple in the church is automatically a member.

We endeavour to meet the spiritual and social needs of married couples by strengthening our relationships with Christ and implementing the following principles:

• Build stronger relationships between husband and wife
• Build stronger relationships with other couples
• Build stronger relationships with our Lord and saviour Jesus Christ
• Honour the marriage covenant
• Establish a godly legacy for children and grandchildren

“Therefore, a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.” Matthew 19:5-6 (NKJV)

We aim hereby;

• To assist couples, understand that marriage is God’s idea and that He alone has the blueprint for it.
• To educate couples on the seriousness of the marriage commitment and the challenge to fulfil God’s purpose in their marriages
• To meet regularly to provide information that will encourage, motivate, and stimulate a healthy marriage through proper guidance through God’s Word
• To fellowship with other couples through recreational activities, such as, dinners, ‘weekend getaways, etc in order to strengthen the married couple and one another.

Activities and events are thoughtfully crafted as the fellowship appreciates the peculiar challenges that couples go through at the various stages of their marriages.
Marriage is God’s idea and He has a purpose and plan for each marriage. He calls us to become one and model the relation between Jesus and the church.

Our marriages can actually be tools that God can use to win men, women, boys and girls to Christ. What an awesome opportunity.