You are invited to join one of our ministries social groups as an opportunity to meet and make friends with like-minded people and engage in various activities organized by these groups and thus volunteer your time and talent in God’s service.

Visit the Refuge information Desk at the foyer every service to get more information on the various ministries.


KMN – Men’s Ministry

This is the network ministry for men in the Refuge. It gives them the opportunity to engage with men from different backgrounds, discussing everyday topics from mentoring to business.

W2W – Women’s Ministry

An inspirational group for women of all ages – a chance to meet with other women, converse, pray and be refreshed. The Woman-to-Woman is the women’s ministry that caters for the female folk in the local assembly. The ministry addresses issues that affect the strata of women in Church and Life.

Pearl Gates

A contemporary Montessori-type Sunday school set up to foster the growth of children in the Refuge as well as their relationship with God while engendering in them social responsibility skills. Pearl gates run simultaneously with our Sunday services.

S&M – Single’s Ministry

The group organizes fun social events and discussions periodically. Single&Mighty is the singles ministry of the House on the Rock, The Refuge. It is a social group for singles of all ages in the Refuge. The focus of S&M is nurturing singles to wholeness and maturity in all areas of life. Unlike most singles ministries, S&M is not all about getting singles married! It is about maximizing your singleness on your way to marriage. S&M hosts monthly meetings with scintillating topics relevant to the singles!