Refuge Academy

The Refuge Academy is responsible for training and equipping saints in HOTR, The Refuge for their God ordained purposes in the local Church and the World. For enquiries, you can reach us via email to the

Finding the Rock The Finding the Rock Class is the second stage of formal training at House On The Rock, The Refuge Abuja. True to its name, the class it designed to help Christians establish a strong foundation in their walk with God. At the end, students are expected to have a firm understanding of key principles and Christian doctrines including:
  • New Creation Realities
  • Authority of the Believer
  • Christ’s Lordship and Authority of Scriptures
  • Faith towards God
  • Holy Spirit and You
  • Understanding your Gift and Calling
  • Sharing your Faith (A guide to soul winning).
  • Prayer
  • Love that never fails
Finding The Rock runs for 12 weeks and has 10 modules which a student is expected to complete. The classes are structured to foster interaction and community building among students and faculty. Prospective students are expected to have completed the New Parishioners Class before commencing Finding the Rock.
Registration forms are available here.
Spiritual Authority The Spiritual Authority (SA) class is the final level in the official workers training process in House On The Rock (HOTR) The Refuge Abuja. Students who successfully complete the class qualify to be awarded the Diploma Certificate in Basic Christian Education and the status of bona fide worker in House on the Rock, The Refuge Abuja. It is tailored to provide a maturing experience for believers, who expectedly have completed the foundational Finding the Rock Class. The Spiritual Authority class lessons center around theories and practice of Christian leadership and exercise of authority. The objective of this training is to reproduce excellent disciples of Christ who are enabled to disciple others through effective teaching and engaging actively the word of God. Discipline, propriety, and commitment are expected from every student at this level as they are considered workers and leaders in training in HOTR. The class is done in Modules and runs for about 20 weeks (exclusive of exams).
Registration forms are available here.