Bouncing back strong and better

Bouncing back strong and better

Message Title: Bouncing back strong and better

Text: Micah 7:8

Speaker: Pastor Uche Aigbe


Everyone, irrespective of who we are, whether in the pew or on the pulpit have experienced some kind of failure in life on their path to greatness.

No matter how great or mighty you are, you must have experienced some kind of failure in your life.

Psalm 103:14, the Lord knows that we are weak in our flesh but he also assures us of a comeback when we fall. Proverbs 24:16.

A just man falls repeatedly but he rises up again. There will be times and seasons in our lives when we will fall, but God expects us to always rise up from the mistakes that we have made, whatever they are.

Everywhere in scripture, we learn that there are times we experience affliction but God will never leave us in the place of failure, calamity or shame. No matter how many times you fail, you will surely rise again over and above the shenanigans of the enemy.

Psalm 103:14 – God knows that we, as believers are weak and are frail in our flesh. But he assures us that we are strong in Him and will rise again (Proverbs 24:16)

Some people preach that once you become a believer you’re immune from adversity but that is not true. The Bible says many are the afflictions of the righteous, but God will never leave you in your place of affliction, he will always deliver you. He has overcome the world on your behalf.

Everywhere in scripture, we learn that there are times we experience affliction but God will never leave us in the place of failure, calamity or shame. No matter how many times you fail, you will surely rise again over and above the shenanigans of the enemy.

Setbacks challenge us on our paths to greatness, but God will always help you to rise over the challenges. Our enemy is the devil, he doesn’t want us to succeed and rejoices when we trip and fall. But your enemy will not rejoice over you because when you fall, you will arise.

Grace does not say that we will not fail. In fact, grace celebrates those who are weak and fail, because failure only makes us stronger. It draws us to God and drives us to put our trust in Him.

Be wary of people who behave as though they cannot fail, they may not be the best people to show your vulnerabilities. Acknowledging your frailties means that you acknowledge that  God is your strength.

People can’t serve your God if they don’t know where you’re coming from, how you have failed and how God has raised you.

You can never count a righteous man out. God is his umpire, he will never count him out. God is not through with you, he is working in you to do and will of his good pleasure.

No matter how dark things get, God will always bring his light to your life. The light of God will outshine every darkness. Darkness cannot overcome the light. The faintest light intimidates the darkest darkness. So you will overcome because of God’s light.

God will be our protection. He will not allow any evil to befall us. If we fall, we will not stay down because the Lord will help you back up again. You are not going to stay down.

Failure in life is never final, it’s not an end in itself. It is not designed to stop you but instead, its to make you into the person you are meant to be.

God has done great things for us (through grace) but we must play our own parts as well. And that is to receive everything his grace has appropriated to us.

Declare: “I may be down but I am not out. Don’t count me out.” No one can ever count a righteous man out because when he fails, he will always rise up again, for God is his umpire.

Psalm 121:1 – You must lift up your eyes to God when you fall. The arm of flesh will always fail you, but there is no end to the strength of God in your life. You can look up to God. We look up to him as our help. Jeremiah 33:3

There’s only so much the strength of a man can do for you but God’s strength is endless. You can look up to him in the place of prayer, Jeremiah 33:3. Most times when things happen to us we call on men first, before we call on God. We should first seek God and let him direct us in the way we should go.

Isaiah 26:3: God keeps in perfect Peace those who stay in him. When you study the word of God you are looking up to God for deliverance and freedom.

Moments of failure are not times to take yourself from God; look up to Him instead. He’s the only one who can salvage your situation.

God’s Spirit in us will always be our help. Romans 8:11; God will quicken our mortal bodies by his spirit. Your setbacks are too small for God. There is a spirit in you that cannot fail. It works in you to bring you impetus and strength to come out of your failing state. Fellowship activates the life-giving power of the spirit of God in you.

The Spirit of God breathes into you and gives you the strength and impetus to come out of your predicament. That’s why you must cultivate and maintain a relationship with him

Don’t lose your expectation in the midst of affliction. Your expectations set the limits of your life and they also attract what you expect. Your expectations shall not be cut short.

The blind man at the gate looked at the disciples with expectation. What are you expecting from God? In your time of failure do not lose your expectation.

Do not be afraid, just keep on believing. What you fear the most ends up happening in your life. Job 3:25 – that which Job was afraid of ended up happening in his life.

Sometimes you think if u go through trials you don’t have faith; that is not true. Sometimes it is after you have gone through trials that you realize how much faith you have.

We fear because we don’t remember how much God loves us. 1 John 4:18; Perfect love casts out fear, for there is no fear in love. In your lowest state continue to believe that God loves you unashamedly and hold on to that truth.

Shut your ears to voices that create fear in you. Do not be afraid, but keep on believing. Mark 5:36: It is in the moments of darkness that you should keep believing God for light.

Stay in the place of thanksgiving. 1 Corinthians 15:57: Thanksgiving is a tool by which God gives us victory in life. Thanksgiving is the highest expression of our faith to God.




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