Exercise unto Godliness part 2

Exercise unto Godliness part 2

Ministering Pastor Edbert Abebe

Topic: Exercise unto Godliness partr 2

Text: Psalms 40:1-8

Consistency in prayer is key. It is better to pray daily for 10mins than to pray for 1 hour in 2weeks.

Your life has to reflect a presence of the God you serve. You are the light of the world, let your light shine.

There’s no situation that can withstand the light of God’s word. God’s thought are in His word, you find revelation of God’s thought for you through his word.

No rock is stronger than Jesus the Rock.

Matt 4:4 You were created by the seed of God’s word and you will live by the same seed of Gods word.

The revelation of God’s word will give you the keys of the Kingdom

As a believer, there’s nothing you can’t access through God’s word, you cannot be disappointed; the word of God will always fix you

The Rock represents the Christ, you strike it once(He has been struck by the death & resurrection ) the second approach is speaking to the Rock, speak the word

God said ‘My Thoughts’- that implies He already has thoughts! So why are we stressing ‘thinking’ when God has already done the thought process?

Rather than focus on activity, give heed to the word. There’s a place for activity but activity can not substitite the place of the word of God.

Psalm 23:5, God always prepare a table before you in the presence of adversities and troubling situations

To access the promise on the table, you must be aware and conscious that you have a place on the table.

Declare the word even as you take your place on the table


In Summary


What happens when a believer stands in the revelation of the word of God.
-The believer is built to express the life within.
-The gate of hell shall not prevail against you.
-The Word of God reveals unto you the keys of the kingdom.
-Whatsoever you decree as a believer comes to pass because the light of God is at work in you.

We need to take heed of the Word of God to chase away darkness.

Activity in church must not take the place of the revelation of God’s word.

There is a place for activities but activities can’t substitute the Word of God.
Rather than focus on activities, give attention to the word of God.

– Pastor Edbert Abebe


Author, Teacher & Adaptive Leadership Practitioner.