Exercise yourself unto Godliness

Exercise yourself unto Godliness

Ministering : Pst. Edbert Abebe

Topic: Exercise yourself unto Godliness.

Text: Psalms 40:1-8, 1Timothy 4:8

The word of God produces effects. Hebrews 4:12

By traditions we have made the Word of God of no effect.

To be an effective believer, be ready to engage consistently in exercises designed by God for your benefit.

Godly exercise has the promise of the now and the life which is to come. 1Timothy 4: 8 .

To be an effective believer, you have to pay the price of diligence, consistency, focus to the word of God.

God will not do for you what He has already done, our faith should not be in the activity but in the word.

We don’t fast to please God.

Fasting is a sacred time: your faith shouldn’t be in the activity of fasting but in the Word of God.

We don’t just pray to pray, we pray to get answers!

Faith is the rhema you get from the attention you give to the word not the activity.

Fasting does not change God, its an opportunity to position yourself before God.

Our study of the word and our prayers should reflect in everything we do, in our governance etc.

Patience is needed to wait on God so that He can incline unto You. In waiting, the connection issue is always from you because God is always speaking but you need to tune in to listen.

God doesn’t relate with your body or mind, He relates with your spirit man.

Praying in tongues is a spiritual exercise, pray in tongues regularly.

When you spend time with the Word, it will reveal God’s promises to you.

Everything you are going through has it’s solution in the word of God.

The authentic way to reveal you to you is through the Word. The Word reveals your identity.

The solution to the world problems resides with the church. Jesus is the answer for the world today.

When you wait on God and He says write the vision, your tongue is the tool to write/proclaim/declare.

A believer who is founded on the revelation of the Word of God cannot be stopped.


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