Faith – A Key to Greatness

Faith - A Key to Greatness

Ministering: Pastor Uche Aigbe

Title: Faith – A key to Greatness

Text: 2Cor 5:7

God has ordained that we access all of his provisions for us by faith, 2Corinthians 13:1.

Without faith we receive nothing from God (Hebrews 11:6) We live by faith as believers.

Faith is a requirement for life as a Christian. Hebrews 11:6

Living by faith is not an option for the believer.

faith is a necessary prerequisite for greatness because God has designed it so. We live by faith and not by sight.

Living by faith is a constant for the believer Inspite of the circumstances. Faith remains the natural habit for the believer like water is to fish.

We are able to make faith our lifestyle because we already have faith as a fruit of the spirit. Faith is evenly distributed among believers, but exercised variably by believers.

Living outside of faith will make you struggle as a believer. Our real essence as believers is lived when we live by Faith. Living by faith is not a cliche, it is our reality. The natural habitation of a believer is the place of faith

Every believer has the same measure and quality of Faith. Therefore the challenge isn’t a lack of faith, but rather a problem of doubt. When Jesus speaks of people of little faith in scriptures, he’s referring to the poor exercise of faith.

You can’t build faith on the experience of another man; rather you grow in faith by the word of God.

if you are threatened in the midst of the storm, its not because of a lack of faith but because you don’t put your faith to good use. Make the faith of the Son of God your lifestyle because it has the power to influence all areas of your life in the midst of challenges

No matter the challenges we face in life, we will overcome, because we have the faith of Jesus working in us. As believers, we were not designed to walk by sight, it is not an option.

Faith is a necessity for the believer, otherwise the believer struggles through life. We believe in God in the absence of a sign.

Our God is supernatural; keep your senses out of your beliefs of him. Quit trying to understand God; if you try to understand him based on your senses you’ll miss him always – you’ll be constantly frustrated.

Many of us are running on what God said in the past, instead of what he is currently saying. You don’t believe someone you don’t have a relationship with. Abraham was able to trust God completely because he had a relationship with him.

Real faith is birthed in the place of fellowship with God. Many times we do things on the promptings of our flesh and not on what God instructs. Faith is living your life not only on what God said, but on what He is saying.

Ascend realms beyond your senses; live in the realm of Faith and the impossible will begin to happen in your life. Your life is not dependent on what you see but on what the word of God says.

You have the same faith the apostles had, you can get great results like they did. It is an anomaly for you to live by faith and by sight as believers. Faith calls those things that be not as though they were, it makes impossible things possible.

We can’t afford to relate to God by sight. Faith sees into the invisible realm what your natural eyes cannot see. Faith acknowledges that God provides all our needs. Faith looks into all that God has provided for us. We believe to see instead of seeing to believe.

Many times the ways of God doesn’t make sense. Just believe in the God of wonders whose speciality is in the impossible. Some Christians live by sight first and then live by Faith next, this shouldn’t be, we ought live by Faith only.


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