From Gadarene To Glory

From Gadarene To Glory

The Word by Pastor Victor Egwu
Title: From Gadarene To Glory
Text:Mark 5:1- 20

God will never leave you, even when men do.

Everything you go through is a process. God is preparing you for greatness. God will mend your brokenness, and make you do same for others.

God sees what you’ll become, even in your lowest state, and He’ll reward your loyalty. You must learn to see yourself the same way God sees you.

We must live life with gratitude; it commands an encounter with God. The demon-possessed man saw Jesus and worshipped Him. Imbibing a lifestyle of worship irrespective of one’s circumstances is true service unto God.

God will restore you to your rightful position in Jesus name, He’ll give you what you could not get by yourself, and restore your self-esteem!


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