Releasing the Power and Life in the Word of God

Releasing the Power and Life in the Word of God

Ministering: Rev. Uche Aigbe
Message title: Releasing the Power and Life in the Word of God
Text: Hebrews 4:2

God’s Word is power, it is life! Every time you speak the word, you release the life in it.

The Word of God is LIFE and health to those that find it(Proverbs 4:22) Because the Word is spirit, it transcends time and space(Psalm 107:20). Anytime the Word is appropriated, life is released.

You can speak the Word to create the life you desire, the same way God’s Word gave life at creation. All that you have can be sustained by the Word: Your Joy, peace and wellness inclusive.

God’s Word is so powerful, every challenge bows to it(Hebrews 1:3) All of creation is sustained by His Word: your finance, marriage, job and all others. An atmosphere of the Word is an atmosphere for the power of God.

When your mind stays on God’s Word you enjoy great peace. The power in His Word does not change, it has a solution to every problem. When faced with issues, reinforce all God said concerning you by proclaiming His Word.

God’s Word is profoundly powerful and calms every storm. It heals, dismisses demons, and raises the dead(Matthew 8:16) Anyone who meditates on the life and power in the Word enjoys great peace(Isaiah 26:3)

As powerful as God’s word is, it may not have an effect in your life if you don’t know it or receive it as it is. Knowing and receiving God’s Word gives us power over circumstances(Hosea 4:6)


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