My boat, His Platform

My boat, His Platform

Pst. Lanre Oluseye
Text: Luke 5: 1-7
Topic: My boat, His Platform

Being in the house of God this long has made me wonder very often, “what’s more to being a Christian”?

What God is asking you to do might be something without a reference point, but it is important that you obey just as Noah did. The rain hadn’t come but Noah still built the ark.

There are great men today whose history of greatness can be traced. But today, God will give you a blessing without a reference point.

When we are blessed we don’t ask God why. But when we go through tough times we ask him why. Whenever God blesses you, never you forget it is for His purpose.

Every time the devil reminds you of a bad thing to come, remind him of the things you already survived. Your purpose is lined in your survivals.

When God blesses us, it is His for His purpose. When the purpose is not known, abuse is inevitable.
What God has blessed you with is your boat, but it is His platform.

Don’t allow anyone to stop you from using your boat.
Whatever gifts or opportunities you have, remember that it is God’s platform. Do not use it to terrorize others.

Keep memoirs of your victory so as to use them to remind the devil that you are a survivor in God.


Resident Pastor of House on the Rock Branch in the city of Port Harcourt Nigeria