Pray Consistently

Pray Consistently

Ministering Pastor Uche Aigbe

Topic: Pray consistently

Text: Luke 18:1

The earnest prayer of a righteous person availeth much

As christains we have the power to change things in our environment through prayers.

We have right standing before God not because of our works but as a virtue of the work Christ has done

We have access to the throne of God because of the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross.

God doesn’t judge you based on your mistakes but of the righteousness of Christ

When we pray as a church, power is always released into our circumstances and situation

The power of prayer in the life of a believer cannot be over emphasized As believers when we pray tremendous things happen in the heavens.

There is no challenge worth your worry, pray about it Philippians 4:6 says we shouldn’t be careful and burdened by the challenges of life, instead we should pray in all times.

The antidote for worry is prayer.

Your miracle is in the place of rest. You can’t tell God about it and still worry about the answer, go to sleep and let God do His thing

Tell God what you need and keep thanking him for it

Shape your worries into prayer stop worrying

Our problem is we talk to everyone except God.

There has to be a balance in studying the word and praying to access a result

Every believer has been called into the office of prayer, no exception Prayer is not a ministry nor a calling for a few; it is a duty for all believers.

No matter the circumstance, pray without ceasing

One of the ingredients of an effective prayer is consistency Its not the duration but the consistency in your prayer life that matters

You don’t quit in the place of prayer cos God has not answered the prayers, keep believing and trusting Him Quitters never win; winners never quit

Daniel 10:1 Daniel sought God’s face, he didn’t quit and God showed up and he received his answers

God never gives you a promise He cannot fulfill If He promised you, that’s because He has already done it, keep trusting Him in the place of prayer

Hearing your prayer is a guarantee that He has already answered

Whenever you pray, you are connecting to the ability of God.

God exalts His word than His name cos if the word lose its integrity , it means He has failed but God cannot fail

Your circumstance is speaking to you, you can’t afford to say nothing back to it speak the word! Your word is your authority.


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