Trusting God With The Least

Trusting God With The Least

trusting God with the leastMinistering: Pst. Uche Aigbe

Title: Trusting God With The Least

Text: Luke 16: 10-13:

If you are faithful in little things you will be faithful with bigger things.

Luke 16:10-13:

In this text, Jesus brings money to the level of God in the lives of men.

Prayer: I tear down every mindset in me that is not of You Lord. In Jesus name.

Faithfulness in little responsibilities determines how faithful one will be in greater responsibilities. wise, dishonesty/unfaithfulness in little responsibilities will translate to dishonesty/unfaithfulness in greater responsibilities.

To understand a thing, we must put it in context. The word LEAST in Luke 16:10 means a “small thing”. If you can not handle a small thing such as money, then you will be unfaithful in greater things.

No amount of money can buy the salvation of God, nor His blessings. If you cannot trust God with your money, which is supposed to be the least, how will you trust Him with greater things such as your health and your time.

The natural principle is to start with that which is lower then move on to that which is higher. If you cannot trust God with money, which is the least, how can you trust Him in other areas of your life?

Christians to ascribe to themselves the attributes of God; “He is mighty”, so we are mighty, “He is great”, so we are, but hardly do we hear people say, ” God is a giver, so we are givers”.

In the Bible, references are made to God’s generosity: He gave us His Son. He supplies our needs according to His riches in glory. In all, God is generous; we also must be generous in all spheres of our lives

It is not about what we give, but our trust in God. We must give to God in faith. God does not punish us when we don’t give. He simply wants us to trust Him and give to Him from a generous heart His.


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