Why Christians don’t pray consistently Part -2

Why Christians don’t pray consistently Part -2

Why Christians don’t pray consistently.. Part 2 – Pst Uche Aigbe

Luke 18 :1

Prayer should be a lifestyle and a routine for us as believers.

It is when you pray that power is released.. James 5:16

Every believer irrespective of who you are, have been called to a life of prayer.

When you engage God in the place of prayer, you will hear Him speak back to you.

One of the things that was consistent in the life of Jesus while He was on earth,was prayer.

No matter the challenge you face as a believer,never stop praying. Matthew 7: 8 :

Keep on asking, seeking and knocking until you receive your heart desires.

Be consistent in your prayers.As a believer, you must always pray and never be discouraged.

It is necessary to pray consistently no matter the challenges you face.

The Word of God is to the spirit what food is to the body. Jeremiah 15 : 16

We are first spirits before we are human beings. The real you is your spirit.

Prayer helps us to connect to God through our spirit.

Feed your spirit with the word of God to remain strong .

Prayer is a means through which God breathes His life into you as a believer.

Prayer is as important as God’s word.

As the brain and heart are important to a human, so is prayer and the Word vital for the survival of a believer.

The Word of God is like a bullet in a gun and Prayer is like the trigger that makes the gun work. Studying the word of God and Prayer are dependent on each other.

Prayer and reading the word of God must be done consistently as a believer.

One of the challenges why believers don’t pray consistently is because of their unbelief.


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