Service Teams


REFUGE MEDIA is one of the service teams in House on the Rock – The Refuge, Abuja. Its mandate is to project the church to the public in broadcast format. This comes in different dimensions, ranging from live streaming on Facebook and YouTube to recorded formats (ACD and DVD).

Through this service team, the church has been able to operate a Mobile pulpit. So many lives have been changed by watching either the praise and worship session or ministration of the word of God irrespective of their geographical locations.

Refuge Media is also saddled with the responsibility of providing the Editorial Service Team with edited highlights of church activities, events and programmes for onward upload on our social media platforms.

Just like every other department in the church, it has its team lead in the person of the head of the department and his assistant.

GSS Team

The GENERAL SERVICE TEAM of House on the Rock – The Refuge, also known as GST is the service team responsible for keeping the Church auditorium and its environment clean at all times during church services and events.

The GST is also responsible for setting up the creatively designed platforms, backdrops and the stage setup for regular and special services @hotrrefuge (namely Conferences, Christmas, and Family Day) etc. The beautiful surroundings, impeccably clean restrooms, the well-maintained Pastor’s office and the ambience of cleanliness during service on Sundays, Wednesdays and special services are some of our hallmarks.

Whenever you come into the clean church auditorium, its environment, visit the well-kept restrooms or perhaps enjoy a safe ride in the HOTR shuttle bus service, express your gratitude to God for the selfless service of the General Service Team.


You could call them the front desk officers of the Refuge and not be wrong. They serve as the church’s information interface, by bridging the information gap between the membership and leadership.
The team collates and effectively disseminates information, adhering to the highest standards of communication.
As the information hub of the Refuge, the interface for every other service team is carried out by the IST, as they are known for providing an ambience that makes the dissemination of information to members and visitors highly effective.
The IST epitomizes excellence and user-friendliness – and these are values at the core of the Refuge.
If you have ever misplaced an item during service or looked for a point to submit found ones, or seek to know anything at all about events and activities in the Refuge, seek no further: kindly visit the IST desk on event days, as they are sure to be of service to you.

Word and Sound Team


A brief showcase of the WORD AND SOUND SERVICE TEAM

“Sanctify them in your truth, your Word is truth…” The Word and Sound service Team is largely responsible for ensuring that the Word of God preached on the altar of the Refuge reaches the ends of the earth; this they achieve by converting Word ministrations into audio and video files for everyday-devices that make replay possible.

By spreading and promoting the word of God which is one of the cardinal values in the Refuge, the service team is able to effect “the great commission”, whilst also helping members sustain their faith, which for the believer comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.

The Word remains our offensive weapon as Christians; prioritizing it delivers victory over the enemy at all times. Visit the Word and Sound Desk today to access all that is yours in the Word. Remember, a weapon must be used or it is worthless.

Evangelism Team

EVANGELISM & OUTREACH SERVICE TEAM is the evangelical arm of the Refuge charged with the mandate of reaching out to the unsaved and the unchurched with the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

To this end, the service team has four functional units, City Wide Outreach Unit, Prisons Unit, Hospital & Orphanage Unit and Follow-Up Unit.

Through its weekly outreaches, the team provides a structured platform for parishioners to participate in corporate and personal soul winning. These outreaches also afford students of the Refuge Academy hands-on training in soul winning.

We are evangelical catalysts ensuring that members of the church family are consumed with compassion for the unsaved and are responsive to the plight of the unsaved thus entrenching a lifestyle of soul winning.


Operating under the Ministry of Helps, the mandate of the PROTOCOL SERVICE TEAM is to support the vision of the church, which seeks to promote a seeker-friendly outlook, making it a home for all.

Grounded on the principles of the Word, Excellence and Networking, the team serves as an interface between the Church and every guest to the Refuge – (Guest Ministers, Visitors to the Assembly or the general congregation as a whole).

The team also lends support to the Lead Pastor, Associate Pastors, Ministers, Deacons and other leaders – ensuring that their service to the people is carried out efficiently.

Care Team

Welcome to the CARE MINISTRY of House On The Rock, Abuja

Our Lord Jesus Christ views the help given to the needy among us, as one done unto Him… Matt 25:34-36; and this powers the lifestyle at @hotrrefuge where members are encouraged to be generous and cheerful in providing various forms of assistance to the needy.

The mandate of the ministry is to assist the less privileged with material and financial seeds while sharing the message of our Lord Jesus Christ with them.

To the glory of God, this vision has been carried out successfully over the years. The outreaches have helped to ease these needy-ones’ access to and integration into the Refuge family. The growth, with which God has blessed His church, has also led to an increase in the number of beneficiaries of CARE, on a weekly basis.

The medical unit of the ministry has been so dependable in providing medical interventions to the sick during Outreaches. Free Medical consultations, as well as the provision of free drugs, are part of this package.

The Clinic located on the grounds of the Refuge is operated by the medical team and they are always on standby during church events and services to provide care to church members and visitors.

Love is the greatest and must be demonstrated as instructed in the parable of the Good Samaritan

EDITORIAL Service Team


It is the 21st Century where the average person lives on the internet, thus making it the hotbed for all kinds of information – the gospel inclusive.

The need to adopt smart modes for achieving wider reach beyond the geographical space of the church in sharing the gospel hasn’t been more critical at any other time than now and it is for this purpose that the amiable EDITORIAL SERVICE TEAM was set-up.

The development of contents for the church’s media publications/broadcast rests squarely on their shoulders; especially as our society is literally addicted to new and appealing media contents.

The Refuge as a church now has a multi-national reach-out – making it easier to deliver her purpose to many, all thanks to the input of this team, given their brilliant performance in keeping faith with the core values of the Refuge in Word, Innovation, User-friendliness and Excellence.

The team is a convergence of the smartest minds in Multimedia Production – (Social Media, Broadcast News, Photography, Writers), thus giving the team the needed capacity and edge in managing the “Refuge Brand”.

Refuge Academy


House On The Rock, Abuja has a known tradition of training its members and workforce to serve God with excellence because He deserves the highest form of selfless service, and REFUGE ACADEMY is the training hub that offers valuable programmes, second to none, for effective Christian service to all members of the Refuge.
At the Academy, volunteer workers experience a sweat-free journey of learning how to operate in the service of God, with the ultimate goal of pleasing Him and enriching their lives.
From the New Parishioner’s Class to the Spiritual Authority Class, students of the Academy leave with a wholesome biblical training that impacts their lives spiritually, individually and professionally.
Training at the Academy equips one for lifelong Kingdom service.

Oasis Resource Team


As their name goes, the team ably prides itself as the hub of uncommon Christian materials fit for the spiritual growth of God’s children – Devotionals, the Bible, Christian books among others, form their stock in trade.
Primarily, the Oasis Resource Centre promotes the reading of Christian literature which in turn impacts our spiritual, financial, professional and social life.
As a rule of thumb, the ORC does not engage in profit-making endeavours; this is to ensure that spiritual materials are easily accessed by all and at the lowest price possible, and with a customer service experience that will gladden you. Every material is sold with the intent of equipping many with quality information and knowledge that will improve their confidence and faith in God while instilling an ability to draw unbelievers into His kingdom.
It goes without saying that God’s word holds a central place in how successful we become as believers. Like every other service team in the Refuge, the ORC is strategically positioned to serve as a backup provision for ensuring that the Refuge’s core value for the word, worship, and warfare, is sustained at all times; what you fail to grab listening, you are sure to grab reading when you visit the Oasis Resource Centre.

Hospitality Team

The HOSPITALITY SERVICE TEAM is the unit saddled with the responsibility of ensuring all that is needed for the communion table during each service is well provided for and presented in a wholesome and sacred manner.
This includes but not limited to ensuring that the communion emblems are sufficient for the entire parishioners’ to participate in the divine riches of the Lord’s Table.
The unit goes a step further by providing light refreshments to Pastors – visiting or resident and any person that ministers during the services.
Furthermore, to make them feel welcome, first-time visitors to the church are also specially catered for with refreshments.
A feast always awaits you in this awesome Service Team.

Ushers Board

The USHERS BOARD began as the “Ushering Unit”, comprising what is now the Protocol and Refuge Foundation Force (RFF) Service Teams.
The service team is seen as the “Hands of the Refuge”, as they interact directly with parishioners coming into the church by:
• Welcoming everyone into the sanctuary.

• Bringing order in service by sitting people systematically.

• Ensuring a conducive atmosphere for the smooth administration and ministration of the word of God.
It is worthy to note that the Ushers Board has been the training ground for many leaders including Pastors and Ministers in the Refuge.
We indeed “usher” our leaders into Greatness!