Sunday Service Announcement 20th August 2017


  • Regular Pastoral Care Centre (PCC) meeting continues this week at the various PCC venues across the city. ALL MEMBERS are encouraged to attend and those who are yet to identify with a PCC family should do so.
  • No Limit Youth Chapel (NLYC) Annual Retreat will hold tomorrow   Monday 21st – Tuesday 22nd August 2017. All Parents/Guardians are encouraged to release their Children/Wards to attend. An Information desk has been set up for payment, enquiries and registration at the foyer.
  • Healing School & Word Alive Service this week will hold on Friday 25th August, 2017 by 4:40pm and 5:45pm respectively. Be sure to invite someone for an awesome time with the Word!
  • BISHOP T.D JAKES LIVE IN NIGERIA!!! Make it a date as you join us for a LIVE SATELITE BROADCAST of The Spirit Life Conference, 2017 from Friday 25th Sunday 27th August.

Friday – 4:40pm

Saturday – 10:00am

Sunday – 8:30am (ONE BIG SERVICE)

Go out of your way to invite someone to the conference! It’s time to Emerge!

*****************************POSTING OF BANNS****************************

  * Do not forget to invite someone for the Spirit Life Conference live broadcast.


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