Workers Award


REFUGE MEDIA is one of the service teams in House on the Rock – The Refuge, Abuja. Its mandate is to project the church to the public in broadcast format. This comes in different dimensions, ranging from live streaming on Facebook and YouTube to recorded formats (ACD and DVD).

Through this service team, the church has been able to operate a Mobile pulpit. So many lives have been changed by watching either the praise and worship session or ministration of the word of God irrespective of their geographical locations.

Refuge Media is also saddled with the responsibility of providing the Editorial Service Team with edited highlights of church activities, events and programmes for onward upload on our social media platforms.

Just like every other department in the church, it has its team lead in the person of the head of the department and his assistant.


The GENERAL SERVICE TEAM of House on the Rock – The Refuge, also known as GST is the service team responsible for keeping the Church auditorium and its environment clean at all times during church services and events.

The GST is also responsible for setting up the creatively designed platforms, backdrops and the stage setup for regular and special services @hotrrefuge (namely Conferences, Christmas, and Family Day) etc. The beautiful surroundings, impeccably clean restrooms, the well-maintained Pastor’s office and the ambience of cleanliness during service on Sundays, Wednesdays and special services are some of our hallmarks.

Whenever you come into the clean church auditorium, its environment, visit the well-kept restrooms or perhaps enjoy a safe ride in the HOTR shuttle bus service, express your gratitude to God for the selfless service of the General Service Team.