Workers commitment form

Workers’ Commitment Form.

Some of the prerequisite for workers who joins the workforce of House On The Rock (HOTR) the Refuge, are to attend all scheduled general church meetings, mid-week and Sunday services. Taking into account that carrying through to completion, your commitment is a way of administering right living and by extension being an example for others to follow and thereby working in alignment with God’s word as stated in Luke 9:62.

As a minister of God joining the workforce of the Refuge, I pledge allegiance to the below stated commitments together with my co-workers in God’s vineyard not only between myself and other committed workers of the workforce, but also between myself and our Lord Jesus who is the head of the church and the one we serve. By committing my signature to this document, I acknowledge my service to the workforce of House On The Rock, the Refuge.

My pledge as a committed member of the workforce of House On The Rock, the Refuge is as follows:

  • To be faithful in fulfilling the Mission, Vision and Core Values of House On The Rock, the Refuge;
  • Commit to praying daily and yielding to the direction of the Holy Spirit;
  • Commit to the consistent study, meditation and doing of the Word;
  • To tithe faithfully, honoring God with my income and substance;
  • Be faithful and loyal to the church and its leadership;
  • Commit to attend faithfully a Friendship Centre or small group;
  • Be dedicated, and on-time for church meetings which include but not limited to Mid-week and Sunday service;
  • Be an exemplary worker by giving unswerving service in God’s vineyard;
  • To be dedicated, accountable and available in carrying my functions as a worker;
  • Be an active witness of the gospel of Christ;
  • To notify my leaders ahead of time when I’m going to be unavoidably absent;
  • Serve and function in special activities planned by the church where my department is needed.
  • To act in love, build relationships and serve others;