The Refuge Academy is the training/discipleship arm of House On The Rock, The Refuge. At the heart of TRA function is discipleship to Christ-like maturity and equipping of the saints for service in the local assembly, a key feature of HOTR Vision. We have several classes available to help members through every stage of their personal and spiritual development
and enable them be all God has created them to be. We coordinate the training and discipleship of first timers and new converts through carefully designed classes at various levels. The levels are:


This class is a fundamental course compulsory for anyone desiring to be a member of House on the Rock – The Refuge. It teaches the basic principles of the Christian faith and also highlights the purpose and mission of House on the Rock – The Refuge.


This is an intermediate course for members who have completed the membership class and are ready to commence working in the workforce as volunteers. The FTR Class is available on Sundays.


FTR-2 also runs every Sunday. This is the third(3) level of training in HOTR. It is for those that have successfully completed the FTR class. It aims to further equip the saints for service in the local assembly


This is an advanced course on the principles of Spiritual Authority and it is open to only students who have successfully completed the Finding the Rock class. The Spiritual Authority class which runs on a sessional basis from October to August. Each session is made up of two streams (October – March and March – August). The classes are only available on Sundays.


We organize Baptismal Class for students and members, after which we conduct water baptism by immersion for saints. This is done on a particular Saturday at the discretion of TRA.


The PMS class is a course for individuals in a relationship desiring to get married. It also serves as a good refresher course for those who have been married irrespective of the length of time.

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